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I Like Posting Comments – 11/30/2012

Welcome back d00dz! As you can see, we’ve been busy updating our site, but never fear – your comments have not gone unappreciated!! Enjoy a few of our favorites from our new games:

killerworms2 Killer Worms 2
Killer Worms 2 is here to remind you that you have time to kill!

sushicat2 Sushi Cat 2
Make your cat the fattest, cutest, best-dressed cat around with Sushi Cat 2!

zombiesituation Zombie Situation
Zombie Situation – celebrating violence against zombies!

Have a great weekend! See you next Friday!

Top 5 Friday: Puzzle Games!

So much hot Puzzle action!

So much hot Puzzle action!

Me Love Puzzle! Did you know the first jigsaw puzzle was made in 1760 when a mapmaker mounted a map on a piece of wood and sawed around each country essentially creating the first 50 States? It’s true, I looked it up. We have come a long way from that wooden map to some awesomely difficult but addicting puzzles. All day long we are doing puzzles whether it’s of the crossword variety or this silly Rubik’s Cube that has been sitting undone on my desk for years, puzzles are everywhere. Check out the Top 5 Puzzle Games on!

Red Remover
It’s simple and all in the title. All you have to do is remove the red by clicking on the red pieces but don’t lose any of your beloved green pieces in the process.

Tetris meets puzzle. Place the puzzle pieces in one of four boxes, once its filled the box clears, fill up a box with all the same color pieces and you clear that level. Plus it’s a high score so you can play against your friends or your favorite blogger…

Whizz Wordz
If you can spell a word, you can play this game. Spell out words to fulfill each category and see how many points you can get. Turns out LOL isn’t a word. Who knew?

Oh Mahjongg, what would I have done in life without you? You helped me get through many lectures in college and I thank you. Simply click on matching pairs of numbered tiles so there are none left, easy to play but hard to master.

50 States
And of course 50 States! Now I know where Kansas, West Virginia and North Carolina are located. Learning and playing is a wonderful concept. You can learn and play on the iPhone or iPod touch.