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PRIOR walkthrough

If you fart on someone it’s rude, but if you do it 10 times to measure everyone’s reaction, it’s science. Go figure. PRIOR puts you in the shoes of a test subject hoping to figure out why its trapped in a ghostly laboratory. Go on an atmospheric adventure to answer questions like “Why am I here?” “Am I alone” and “Are machines’ fathers called pachines?” Science!

Play PRIOR here:

Watch the PRIOR walkthrough below:


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How to Make a Sequel walkthrough

How do you pull a cow from a hat? Moogic! How to Make a Sequel is an udder-ly ridiculous puzzle game that pays homage to some of best indie games in the field. And that ain’t no bull. Sorry, now we’re really milking it.

Play How to Make a Sequel here:

Watch the How to Make a Sequel walkthrough below:


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Human Chop 2 walkthrough

Human Chop is back in Human Chop 2 to destroy more crappy things about the world. Obey? Not OK. Conformity? No more for me. Being docile? Um, more like, uh, peeing hostile? Whatever. Play this unique puzzler and crush puny problems like wordplay.

Play Human Chop 2 here:

Watch the Human Chop 2 walkthrough below:


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Infiltrating the Airship walkthrough

Comedians like to joke about how much airline food sucks. Infiltrating the Airship posits that getting disintegrated by acid and blown off the side of a plane is slightly suckier, but it’s pretty funny to watch in this choose-your-own-failventure. Fly the unfriendly skies in this entry in the Henry Stickmin series, which also includes Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond. It’s a fail fest at 40,000 feet.

Play Infiltrating the Airship here:

Watch the Infiltrating the Airship walkthrough below:


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BoxMan walkthrough

You know how it’s more fun to play with the box than what’s inside? In BoxMan, you’re playing as a box trying to jump through a puzzle-platformer. It’s guaranteed to keep you from being cardbored.

Play BoxMan here:

Watch the BoxMan walkthrough below:


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