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Q&A: Seven2, developers of Expiration Date

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Way back in July, a much simpler time when we all lived in blissful ignorance of what “twerkin’” was, gamers took part in AddictingGames’ first-ever “Create Your Own Game” Game, answering Facebook polls to help shape a game that would actually be created by AddictingGames.  Letting gamers create their own game!? AddictingGames must be a bunch of suckers. WAIT, ADDICTINGGAMES IS US!!

UH OH!  Do we have the game yet?  No?  Another week or so before it’s released?  Uhhhh, dang it.  OK, think, AG, think. Have we shown any concept art yet?  We did?  Crap.  Have we revealed the storyline and title?  We did that, too!?  Geez.  What else can we share before we release the game next week?  Do we have an interview with Seven2, the developers of the game who include creative director Brandon DeLauney, lead designer/animator Justin Baldwin, developers Bradley Baysinger and Keely Honeywell, writer Mark White and designer Zach Grassi?  We do!?  Well, hot dog! What are the odds!?

Here, read this and we’ll get the game to you next week! Promise!


What was your first reaction when you heard what type of game the AG audience picked? 

We laughed, then we panicked. OK, not really. We knew it’d be a challenge to make a game with those parameters, but we also LOVED the challenge of making a game with those parameters. It made us get super-extra creative.

What game ideas were left on the cutting room floor?

At one point, there was a character named Brenda who turned into Bad Brenda and oversaw the post-apocalyptic world’s most popular reality show. But Bad Brenda wanted too much money to appear in the game. She was both bad and rather greedy.

Any must-know tips before playing this game?

Click on everything you can, think outside the box and make sure to take bathroom breaks.

Whose mom was the in-game mom based on?

She was designed to be everyone’s mom and nobody’s mom at the same time. Imagine a normal mom and then make her evil and menacing with a slightly more dated sense of fashion.

Evolution of Your Mom

What was your inspiration for the apocalypse? Does it parallel with other big apocalyptic stories in pop culture?

The game’s apocalypse has some similarities to the ones you’ve seen, but also some cool differences. We were inspired by “The Book of Eli,” “The Road,” “Children of Men,” “Mad Max” and a few ketchup commercials.

Can we expect any Easter eggs in this game?

Does a chicken have lips?

Fill-in & Answer: How much __________ did you drink while making this game?

Water, Diet Coke and badger milk — all in the recommended daily amounts. We can also tell you we’ll definitely be drinking a lot of _________ when the game is completed.



CYOG Update: New Name, Game Screens and Your Mom

In July, AddictingGames held the “Create Your Own Game” game, wherein we made the mistake of asking you lunatics to help us create a game. After what we can only imagine was massive head trauma, you picked an anime escape game starring a tomato fighting Your Mom in the apocalypse. WHUUUUUT???

We’re just crazy enough to make it happen, and this week we’ve got two updates for you.

First, a title!  Much as we wanted to call the game “What Were We Thinking!?!?” we have a much cooler name submitted by a Facebook fan.

And the title iiiiiiiiis: EXPIRATION DATE.

What does it mean!? Exactly.

Next, we have some pics of the game, our produce protagonist and Your Mom (see below). Keep checking back for more details, including a forthcoming release date, because, like we said, we’re actually making this game. God help us.


Expiration Date title

Expiration Date background 1

Expiration Date cutscene

CYOG Tomato bedroom

Evolution of Your Mom


For more info on the Expiration Date story, read this.



Nuclear Apocalypse Transformed You Into Tomato? Oldest Story in the Book


addicting games' choose your own game game
Last month, thousands of you voted in our Facebook polls for the “Choose Your Own Game” game.  After casting votes in polls for everything from game type to hero to villain, you chose an anime escape game starring a tomato fighting your mom in the apocalypse. Now we’re making your game a reality (mostly because we have to get rid of some of this money before the government starts asking questions).

Every week, we’ll be bringing you updates on the game’s progress.  Last week, we announced that we sent your game ideas to the all-star developers at Seven2.  This week, we’re revealing some of the story.  Spoiler alert: It involves your mom.  Read on below.

The apocalypse has destroyed everything, including nuclear powerplants that are leaking gasses and chemicals into the atmosphere. When you’re chillin’ with a tomato, minding your own business, these atomic chemicals mutate your DNA, transforming you into a bizarre mix of human and tomato — well, mostly tomato, but with arms and legs. Yup, just a bipedal tomato hanging out in the apocalypse.  A tasty bipedal tomato.  *Stomach rumble* You know, this apocalypse has caused a food shortage and half-vegetable for you means half-full for me.

Do you know who else wants to eat you? Your mom.  No, seriously.  You’d better escape before your mom can ketchup.

Sorry, it’s hard to think on an empty stomach. Speaking of …

Check back next week for more updates!