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Achievement Unlocked 3 walkthrough

Achievement Unlocked 3 is a bonkers platformer that involves candy, a giant regal hamster and an elephant with a list of achievements longer than his trunk. Run through this wild parody of a gaming culture that panders to players’ needs for constant approval and affirmation. Achievement Unlocked: Read description! Here’s 500 arbitrary points!

Play Achievement Unlocked 3 here:

Watch the Achievement Unlocked 3 walkthrough below:


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Red Space walkthrough

Red Space is a point-and-click adventure from another planet. You’re part of an intergalactic expedition, but it’s looking increasingly likely that you’re also going to be part of an alien monster’s digestive system. Don’t get scared, because it’ll be really unpleasant if you pee your spacesuit in zero gravity.

Play Red Space here:

Watch the Red Space walkthrough below:


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World’s Hardest Game 3 walkthrough

Are you suffering from constant bouts of happiness? Lack of stress got you down? We’ve got just the cure for you: World’s Hardest Game 3! Guaranteed to make you rage-quit or your money back!

Play World’s Hardest Game 3 here:

Watch the World’s Hardest Game 3 walkthrough below:



Henry Headshot: Gentleman Sniper walkthrough

Henry Headshot: Gentleman Sniper is a shooter starring an aristocratic assassin. Henry is hunting the world’s most dangerous criminals and he’s doing it in a tuxedo, so he won’t have to change clothes when he goes to their funerals. It’s the polite thing to do.

Play Henry Headshot: Gentleman Sniper here:

Watch the Henry Headshot: Gentleman Sniper walkthrough below:

PRIOR walkthrough

If you fart on someone it’s rude, but if you do it 10 times to measure everyone’s reaction, it’s science. Go figure. PRIOR puts you in the shoes of a test subject hoping to figure out why its trapped in a ghostly laboratory. Go on an atmospheric adventure to answer questions like “Why am I here?” “Am I alone” and “Are machines’ fathers called pachines?” Science!

Play PRIOR here:

Watch the PRIOR walkthrough below:


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