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I Like Posting Comments – 11/30/2012

Welcome back d00dz! As you can see, we’ve been busy updating our site, but never fear – your comments have not gone unappreciated!! Enjoy a few of our favorites from our new games:

killerworms2 Killer Worms 2
Killer Worms 2 is here to remind you that you have time to kill!

sushicat2 Sushi Cat 2
Make your cat the fattest, cutest, best-dressed cat around with Sushi Cat 2!

zombiesituation Zombie Situation
Zombie Situation – celebrating violence against zombies!

Have a great weekend! See you next Friday!

I Like Posting Comments – 11/9/2012

Howdy Folks! It’s our favorite day of the week here…FRIDAY! Keep reading to see our favorite comments from the past week!

40xescape 40X Escape
There you have it – always look for the obvious in 40X Escape!

savethedummy Save The Dummy
Zeus loves Save the Dummy. And so should you. Play today!

balls-of-life Balls Of Life
Balls of Life: inspiring us all to retire with golf and martinis!

Have an AG-tastic weekend! See you soon!

I Like Posting Comments – 10/19/2012

Howdy peepz! Welcome to this week’s 2nd edition of I Like Posting Comments. Scroll on!

escapefromdetention Escape From Detention
With vicious hamsters, and a serious lack of boys bathrooms…how long will it take you to Escape From Detention?

Just in case it’s not addicting enough on the website, we also put Draw4play 2 in our app, which you can download from the iTunes store here! Play on!

Happy Friday folks! Enjoy your weekend, we know we will!

I Like Posting Comments – 9/28/2012

Happy Friday d00dz! We’re so glad you love moustaches as much as we do! Check out the comments for Crimson and Stache, and the others, below:

crimson-and-stache Crimson and Stache
There is nothing more awesome than a moustache, except perhaps, a sassy moustache. Get your ‘stache on with Crimson and Stache

dogfightaces Dogfight Aces
Dogfight Aces: where those of us who aren’t licensed pilots can pretend we are!

kingdomrush Kingdom Rush
You heard it here first folks…Kingdom Rush = kewl sauce. Play today!

Have an AG-tastic weekend! Don’t forget to keep checking back each week to see if your comment makes the cut!

I Like Posting Comments – 9/21/2012

Afternoon AG-ers! Welcome to “I Like Posting Comments” – Last Day of Summer Edition…enjoy!

nerdynomnom Nerdy Nom Nom
Nerds unite with Nerdy Nom Nom! (no puking!)

palisadeguardian3 Palisade Guardian 3
Palisade Guardian 3: where all the cool kids go for sweet aliens!

superadventurepals Super Adventure Pals
Super Cute. Super Fun. Super Adventure Pals.

Have a wonderful last day of summer…see you in the fall!