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Pancake Corner Presents: Man on the Street

The Man on the Street really thinks you should spend more time on the AddictingGames blog.

The Man on the Street is also On the Loose. So keep an eye out: he’s gonna pop up where you least expect it. And maybe force you to wrestle him.

“He might be a man on the street, but not a man that lives on the streets. Check out the sparkle in his beard, almost blinded me it was so sparkley.”
-Karen A

And, yes, before you ask, that beard is real, baby!

I Like Posting Comments – 6/15/2012

It’s Friday, which means this week’s Best of Comments are here! AG Peeps, y’all CRAY.

crumpled Crumpled
Channel your inner Chuck Norris, even if it’s blonde, and get your Crumpled on!

polygonapocalypse Polygon Apocalypse
Some people see advanced economic modeling, others Spiderman, still others just teh panik attax. This is your brain on the Polygon Apocalypse!

sherlockholmesescape0 Sherlock Holmes Escape
Trust your inner Sherlock and escape!

thetimewasterultra The Timewaster Ultra
The Timewaster Ultra… for the ultimate derpface-wagging.

pigswillfly1 Pigs Will Fly
SPIDER PIG WILL FLY! Gold star, Kailey2002, gold star.

Thanks peepz! Til next time.