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Walkthrough: Zombotron 2 – Time Machine

Time travel is totally possible. All you have to do is play Zombotron 2: Time Machine and 10 hours from now, you’ll wonder where your day went. Explore a zombified planet to find fuel for your spaceship, but beware: Who knows what evil lurks deep in the heart of this alien world? (Well, actually, we know. It’s zombies.)

Play Zombotron 2: Time Machine here:


(via IntroGamePlay)

I Like Posting Comments – 11/30/2012

Welcome back d00dz! As you can see, we’ve been busy updating our site, but never fear – your comments have not gone unappreciated!! Enjoy a few of our favorites from our new games:

killerworms2 Killer Worms 2
Killer Worms 2 is here to remind you that you have time to kill!

sushicat2 Sushi Cat 2
Make your cat the fattest, cutest, best-dressed cat around with Sushi Cat 2!

zombiesituation Zombie Situation
Zombie Situation – celebrating violence against zombies!

Have a great weekend! See you next Friday!

I Like Posting Comments – 10/8/2012

Hey there peepz! For your viewing pleasure, let us present our favorite game comments from last week. Scroll on.

100percentcomplete 100% Complete
Clever, sneaky and fun! Clearly 100% Complete has it all!

stuntdriver Dave Fearless is Stunt Driver
Dave Fearless is Stunt Driver: totally redonk.

endlesswar5 Endless War 5
It just keeps going…and going…and going…until the end, that is! Play Endless War 5 today!

gobtron Gobtron
Try Gobtron and see for yourself just how booger-y and snotty it can get!

That’s all for this week d00dz! Stay tuned for more awesome comments next week!

I Like Posting Comments – 9/21/2012

Afternoon AG-ers! Welcome to “I Like Posting Comments” – Last Day of Summer Edition…enjoy!

nerdynomnom Nerdy Nom Nom
Nerds unite with Nerdy Nom Nom! (no puking!)

palisadeguardian3 Palisade Guardian 3
Palisade Guardian 3: where all the cool kids go for sweet aliens!

superadventurepals Super Adventure Pals
Super Cute. Super Fun. Super Adventure Pals.

Have a wonderful last day of summer…see you in the fall!

Totes Ma Goats – 8/31

Well peepz, we here at AG are particularly bummed to mark the end of summer so in order to cheer us all up, let us enjoy this week’s batch of comments!

llamainyourface Llama In Your Face
Llama in Your Face = amazome.

endlesswar4 Endless War 4
Exactly. What other “G” is there? Play Endless War 4 to find out.

trajectory3 Trajectory 3
We’re pretty sure level 27 isn’t actually impossible..Test your Tracjectory 3 skills now and feel super smart when you finally beat it!

wigman-big-run Wigman Big Run
We don’t always put things in the sky, but when we do, they are snowmen in Wigman Big Run.

Have a wonderful 3 day weekend…we know we will!