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The Lonely King Walkthrough

The Lonely King is a royally hard puzzler about the world’s most depressed dictator. Everyone has disappeared from the kingdom, so you’re on a quest to find out where they went. We wouldn’t worry about it. They’re probably just vacationing with a ruler who doesn’t listen to emo music.

Play Lonely King here:




Let’s Play World’s Hardest Game 3

The AddictingGames team attempted to play World’s Hardest Game 3. These are the highlights … or, rather, the lowlights.


Play World’s Hardest Game 3 here:

Pancake Corner Presents: Man on the Street

The Man on the Street really thinks you should spend more time on the AddictingGames blog.

The Man on the Street is also On the Loose. So keep an eye out: he’s gonna pop up where you least expect it. And maybe force you to wrestle him.

“He might be a man on the street, but not a man that lives on the streets. Check out the sparkle in his beard, almost blinded me it was so sparkley.”
-Karen A

And, yes, before you ask, that beard is real, baby!

I Like Comments! 5-18-2012

basketballslevelpack Basketballs Level Pack
Don’t hate, flatulate! Hoop it up with some Basketballs Level Pack today!

surplussoldiers Surplus Soldiers
Surplus Soldiers, spreading a message of love.

gravx GravX
It’s easier to play GravX when you so fly.

pokepenguinpicon Poke The Penguin
There’s a reason we’re asking you to Poke the Penguin, folks! These little dudes are amc drop-outs.

territorywaronline_picon Territory War Online
I’ll have my Territory War Online with chicken tenders, si vous plais.

Happy weekend, friendly gamers.

Pancake Corner May 18th, 2012

What is “addicting,” anyway?



See you around Pancake Corner.