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I Like Posting Comments! 4-6-12

I like posting comments
This week in the ongoing “I Like Posting Comments” series, our beloved gamers get real about mechanisms, waffles, and attachment issues. Hurray!

megaminer Mega Miner
We love the map too, peeps.
Play Mega Miner today and tell us what you think!

starsarentworththis Stars Aren’t Worth This
NOOOOOO! Stars are totally worth it!
Play Stars Aren’t Worth This and decide for yourself!

gunball2 Gunball 2
Not fly like a G6?
Play Gunball 2 now and get your boss on!

ultimatephysicsgame Ultimate Physics Game
Banjo jam!
Play Ultimate Physics Game now and tell us if the checking mechanism annoys you.

gibbets3 Gibbets 3
Waffles are indeed epic. But are they more epic than pancakes? Or French toast?
Play Gibbets 3 and make new breakfast investigations!

stickclick Stick Click
Maybe he just really likes you.
Try some Stick Click now!

abattriggeredthesensor World’s Hardest Bat Game
Bats need coins to use vending machines, duh.
Try for yourself by playing World’s Hardest Bat Game today!

Excellent job peeps! Stay tuned til next week, and be sure to comment on all your favorite games!

Stay Warm With!


Ahhh snow!

Lets face it! Winter is here and it has gotten cold! Sure some of us have the luxury of living in tropical places where grass skirts and beach gear seems to work all year round, but for most of us winter means snow, ice, wind, and that unpleasant feeling of being cold when you go outside. We don’t want anyone to freeze while playing our games so I have come up with a few free online games that will help keep you warm during those frosty moments that winter can bring.

Flame Puppy
Now man’s best friend has a whole new purpose! Keeping the world around you warm! Sure most dogs will snuggle up with you in bed but this little pup will just light a tree on fire if you need to warm up your hands! What a pal!

It may be winter where you live but it’s always summer in Sunburn. Use your burning ability to fry up some tourists! It’s almost as easy as cooking bacon only it doesn’t quite smell as nice!

Streets of Fire
These streets will never be full of snow because we all know that fire totally pwns snow every time! Feel the burn in this hot game and keep frostbite far away with this fiery action game that is perfect for any winter situation!

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Top 5 Friday: Rock Star Fantasy Games



Alright, gamers, let’s have a heart to heart. How many of you are band nerds? Perhaps show choir nerds? Do you spend your days studying your John Philip Sousa pieces, preparing for the next band concert, or diligently perfecting your jazz hands? I won’t hold it against you, you guys, as I was also a complete and total band nerd. I happily signed up for marching band, and was usually the first to arrive in band class. I could play all my major scales on my saxophone before most other students, and used my break time to study and practice arpeggios. Never let anyone tell you being a band nerd is anything less than cool, because you know what we have that other people don’t?

The ability to relate to rock stars.

No matter how small, every band nerd has a secret desire to be a rock star. Whether it’s Lady GaGa, Avenged Sevenfold, or Josh Groban, we all want to be on stage performing, having the audience loving every second of our performance. And truthfully, we understand the pressure rock stars face, we know the level of dedication it takes, and we know how many bad decisions it takes to rock out with your socks out.

So, dear gamers, here are the top five rock star fantasy games on AddictingGames. Hey, if RPG dorks can have their moments, why can’t we??

5- My Party Band

Ah, bass, drums, and guitar. So simple, yet so effective. Imagine, if you can, performing on a stage with your two best friends, bringing the rock and being the roll. You and your buddies are the ultimate rock stars in this game, and the sweet riffs you get to pick from solidify that fact!

4- Celebrity Smackdown

No true rock star has made it until they have a public feud with a celebrity. It confirms your ability to kick some butt, and rock out while doing so! Did your tuba get stolen by a jock? Were you walking to your locker for wearing your band or choir uniform? Get your revenge out fantasy style in Celebrity Smackdown!

3- Stick Band
Similar to My Party Band, but just that much more challenging. Test your rocking out skills with Stick Band, and be the ultimate Stick Rocker!

2- Dress to Rock
The best thing about being a rock star is being able to wear crazy clothes, and getting away with it. It also is the most important. Test your rock star style knowledge in Dress to Rock, and wear your Mohawk with pride!

1- Rock Band Rampage
Did you say you didn’t want to see any green M&M’s backstage? Did you request 3-foot lavender candles, and exactly twenty-seven bottles of sparkling water? Were none of these requests met? Well, take your rage out in Rock Band Rampage, and show those show promoters who the rock star of this venue is!!

AddictingGames is the largest free online games site in the US. We are trailblazers in the casual games territory, developing and distributing innovative, irreverent, addictive online games.