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The Lonely King Walkthrough

The Lonely King is a royally hard puzzler about the world’s most depressed dictator. Everyone has disappeared from the kingdom, so you’re on a quest to find out where they went. We wouldn’t worry about it. They’re probably just vacationing with a ruler who doesn’t listen to emo music.

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The Thursdoodle: Boo-m


Holday Gaming With!


Baby, it’s cold outside! So what better way to warm up then by sitting by the fire, cup of hot coca in hand and over 3,000 free online games from to entertain you from now until New Years! We believe the holidays are a time for gaming and while we have fun online games dedicated to kitten cannons and celebrity downfalls we also get in the holiday spirit by offering you amazing games that will bring the joy of the holiday season to you without stepping foot in a mall. You can get all the joy of snowball fights without having to put on a coat and gloves and feel the rush of shredding down a mountain side without a wind chill. So sit back, relax and get started! ‘Tis the Season for Gaming!

Supreme Extreme Snowboarding
Can’t get to the slopes this year? No problem! Supreme Extreme Snowboarding will bring the slopes to you in this online game. Make it down the hill by completing tricks and landing them. Get after it and be EXTREME!

Aggressive Alpine Skiing
And for those of you who think two is better than one, we have Aggressive Alpine Skiing. Collect all the stars on your journey downhill but avoid running into cabins and that pesky sniper, he is everywhere! Dodging Snipers on the downhill, that really is aggressive.

12 Holes of X-Mas
You’ve heard of the 12 Days of Christmas, right? It’s that delightful ditty about Partridges in Pear Trees and Lords a Leaping. So now add golf balls and clubs and you get the 12 Holes of X-mas, a fun free online strategy game to kick start your holidays.

Santa Farty Pants
Rudolf lost his way and crashed Santa’s sleigh. Thankfully ol’ St. Nick has as a plan B! Help Santa deliver presents by farting your way to the chimney top by eating brussel sprouts and pies. Avoid getting knocked in the face by the evil snowman that is looking to take you down!

Snow Ball Blitz
Snow days aren’t just for getting out of school anymore, it’s for neighborhood snowball fights (and to play games online)! It’s a battle to the death when you’re up against the neighborhood bullies. Throw snowballs and dodge oncoming artillery or you’ll end up face first in the snow.

A Sugg Christmas
Feeling Grinchy? Not a fan of all the joy, happiness and carols that come with celebrating the holidays? I don’t blame you. All the Holiday cheer can get to a person. So do you want use a laser to demolish presents and candy canes? Check out A Sugg Christmas, dress up as Santa and stop this holiday cheer once and for all.

Reindeer Tipping
What are online holiday games without Scrooge, the meanest of the mean? He hates everything. But most of all he hates Christmas. In order to stop Santa from delivering presents, Scrooge heads up to the North Pole to do a little Reindeer Tipping. Wait for Dasher, Dancer, Blitzen and the rest of the crew to fall asleep and start tippin’. Watch out, if you mess with the bull you will get the horns.

There now, aren’t you in the holiday spirit? Hitting the slopes, throwing snowballs and tipping Reindeer! What more could you ask for?! On you want more games? We’ve got you covered with over 3,000 free online games to keep you occupied.
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Stay Warm With!


Ahhh snow!

Lets face it! Winter is here and it has gotten cold! Sure some of us have the luxury of living in tropical places where grass skirts and beach gear seems to work all year round, but for most of us winter means snow, ice, wind, and that unpleasant feeling of being cold when you go outside. We don’t want anyone to freeze while playing our games so I have come up with a few free online games that will help keep you warm during those frosty moments that winter can bring.

Flame Puppy
Now man’s best friend has a whole new purpose! Keeping the world around you warm! Sure most dogs will snuggle up with you in bed but this little pup will just light a tree on fire if you need to warm up your hands! What a pal!

It may be winter where you live but it’s always summer in Sunburn. Use your burning ability to fry up some tourists! It’s almost as easy as cooking bacon only it doesn’t quite smell as nice!

Streets of Fire
These streets will never be full of snow because we all know that fire totally pwns snow every time! Feel the burn in this hot game and keep frostbite far away with this fiery action game that is perfect for any winter situation!

AddictingGames is the largest free online games site in the US. We are trailblazers in the casual games territory, developing and distributing innovative, irreverent, addictive online games.