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Free Space is Key for You and Me

Need some Space? Play the new Space is Key Hell and tweet your final death count to @AddictingGames with the hashtag#spaceiskey. The first six gamers crazy enough to beat it and tweet it will get a free code for Space is Key on iOS.

space is key hell

Speed Run: Knightmare Tower

As the hero of Knightmare Tower, you’re on a mission to rescue not one, but several princesses. What? Just because you’re a knight doesn’t mean you have to be chivalrous. Keep launching yourself above the lava and slicing through demons in this medieval monster mash!

Play Knightmare Tower here:

And check out this speed run from Sir Wins-a-Lot:

I Like Posting Comments 5-25-12

AG Peeps! Your comments are AWESOME!

martiansfrommars Martians From Mars
Martians from Mars teh most hnadsome game on teh interwebz!

erline ErlinE
ErlinE…simply beautiful!

killbot Killbot
Listen to your friendly game critic… Play Killbot today!

discountmayonnaise Discount Mayonnaise
Mood for Mayo? Discount Mayonnaise is here 4 U!

jewelanche Jewelanche
Jewelanche …painful fun that the whole family can enjoy!

Great work, d00dz! See you next week.