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Nick gets an A! Happy End of Summer, you guys.

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Escape from Detention walkthrough

At last, an escape game you can use today! Already in trouble? Gather your supplies and solve the puzzles of Escape from Detention. Figure out how to reduce your sentence and make a break for the tennis courts! Be aware, though. This escape will not be easy. Not even a little.

Play Escape from Detention here:

Watch the Escape from Detention walkthrough below:


(via MrAddictingGamer)


Read the Escape from Detention text walkthrough below:

Click on teacher’s desk to close up.
Click on green apple to collect.
Click on pencil sharpener to collect dial.
Go back.
Go right.
Click on looseleaf paper near bottom of screen to collect.
Go right.
Click on bulletin board to close up.
Collect chalkboard eraser.
Drag dial to number dial to place.


Note numbers and their colors. (Green 8, Red 4, Blue 3)
Go back.

Click on eraser in inventory to examine.
Click on eraser to flip.
Collect straw.
Close inventory.
Go right. Click on blackboard to close up.
Drag eraser to chalk marks to erase. Note markings

(from top to bottom: Red, Green, Blue.)

Go back. Go right.
Click on door to close up.
Click on lock keypad to close up. Click on numbers from clues to enter code.
Use the numbers from the wheel in the order provided by the colors written on the chalkboard

(Code is 483.)

Go back. Click on doorknob to open.
Click on open door to enter hallway.
Click on leftside door labeled 1B.
Click on door again to enter janitor’s closet.
Click on trashcan to close up.
Collect black banana.
Go back.
Click on shelves. Collect pink lemon from spray can.
Go back.
Click on paper in inventory to examine.
Click on paper to tear. Click on scrap of paper to collect.
Close inventory.
Click on sink to close up.
Click on faucet handle to turn on sink.
Drag paper to sink to wet.
Click on straw in inventory to examine.
Drag soggy paper ball to straw.
Close inventory.


Go back twice.
Click on scalpel on the floor, on the left hand side in front of the door.
Go back again.

Click on closest door on left side (1D)
Click on door again to enter bathroom.
Click on leftmost stall door to open.
Collect binoculars from back of door.
Go right.

Click on trash can to close up.
Click on drumstick to collect.
Go back.
Click on door to exit to hallway.
Click on rightside door (1C)
Click on door again to enter.


Click on piano to close up.
Collect mints from keyboard.
Go back.
Click on drums to close up.
Drag drumstick to bass drum to puncture.
Collect cassette tape.


Go back twice.
Click on back left side door to enter science classroom (1E)
Click on dissected frog to collect.
Click on frog in inventory to examine.
Drag scalpel to frog to reveal quarter.
Collect quarter.
Close inventory.
Go back twice.

Click on Main office door twice to enter.
Click on desk to close up.
Click on bottom most drawer to open.
Collect knife.
Go back.
Click on principal office’s door to close up.
Click on door again to enter.
Click on laptop to close up.
Collect pear sticker.


Go back.
Click on blinds to open.
Drag binoculars to window to look at scoreboard.
Note number on scoreboard.


Click on scoreboard to close.
Click on right hand side of screen, on the floor.
Click on knife in inventory to examine.
Click on knife to open.
Close inventory.
Drag knife to carpet to cut. An escape hatch is revealed.


Go back twice.
Go right.
Click on vending machine to close up.
Click on buttons to close up.
Drag quarter to slot.
Blue plastic over fruit buttons will lift.
Enter code into fruit buttons by pressing them to rotate through colors from various fruit clues.
(Code is Pink, Black, White, Green)
Something will vend. Go back. Click on vending door at bottom to close up.
Click on door to open.
Collect cassette tape recorder.
Click on cassette tape recorder in inventory to examine.
Drag cassette tape to tape recorder to place.
Press play button to start lullaby.
Close inventory.

Go back twice.
Click on door to exit to hallway.
Go back.
Click on science classroom door to enter science classroom (1E)
Click on hamster cage in the back of the room to close up.
Drag playing cassette play to cage to place.

Wait for hamster to fall asleep and click on key behind his wheel to collect.

Go back three times.
The key is a master key to all the lockers. Each locker has something fun in it
but only one has something that you need.
Use the clue from the scoreboard to find the right locker.
The locker is #354.
It’s on the middle right side.
Click on the middle right bank of lockers to close up.
Drag the master key to locker 354.
Collect soda.
Click on soda in inventory to examine.
Click on cap to remove.
Close inventory.
Go back twice.

Click on science classroom again (1E)
Click on lab table with bullseye to close up.
Drag soda to bullseye to place.
Drag mints to soda to insert.
Wait for soda to explode.
Go back.


Click on ceiling.
The key is stuck in the light fixture.
Drag spitball straw to key to knock it loose.
Go back.

Click on lab table again.
Find key and click on it to collect.
(It’s on the far right side of the soda puddles.)
Go back three times.
Click on Main office door twice to enter.
Click on principal’s door twice to enter.
Click on rightside of the floor to examine hatch.
Drag skeleton key to lock to open.


Click on green arrow to exit. You won!

I Like Posting Comments – 8/10

What up d00dz…welcome to this week’s edition of I Like Posting Comments…keep on scrollin’ to see all your epic comments:

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Once again, we congratulate you on your creative commentary. Keep up the good work yo! Until next Friday…

Sugar,Sugar 2 might be bad for you

How addicting is Sugar,Sugar 2? Ask Tyler:

never underestimate the power of AddictingGames!

never underestimate the power of AddictingGames!

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I Like Posting Comments – 7/27/2012

Hey d00dz! As promised, this week’s second installment of I Like Posting Comments! Enjoy:

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