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Walkthrough: Dogfight Aces

Tips and Tricks:
- Rise slowly and attack enemies at a lower altitude than you.
- If you struggle with stalls, get some thrust and speed upgrades.
- Turn nose down and dive airplane to get more speed.
- Thrust upgrade affects the ability to speed up faster while diving.
- If you want to reach Sharpshooter medals, do not buy the tail gun, it will impact your firing accuracy stats.
- Bombs are fine, but homing missiles are better, especially with the guidance system.
- Malicious parachute is excellent weapon against Red Baron (Last level).
- Emergency parachute is worth the money. You have a 50% chance to not loose life after you’ve been hit.

Thanks to Wide Angle Games for the walkthrough!

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I Like Comments – 8/24

What up y’all?! As promised, the second installment of kooky comments is below! Enjoy!

deadzed Dead Zed

Walkthrough: Trajectory 3

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I Like Posting Comments – 8/20

Howdy y’all. Apologies for missing last week’s post…but you know what that means…double the awesome comment fun!

flippinninja Flippin Ninja
Flippin Ninja = square ninja awesomesauce!

vanishrain Vanish Rain
Kill the zombehs! Play Vanish Rain right now!

fancypantsworld2_picon Fancy Pants Adventure 2
Accept the fancy. Love the fancy. Play Fancy Pants Adventure 2.

dontshootthepuppy Don’t Shoot The Puppy
DON’T MOVE YOUR MOUSE! You can also play Don’t Shoot The Puppy on your phone by downloading the AddictingGames Mobile App from iTunes…You’re welcome.

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