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FROM THE AG INBOX: Video game news from the Vicereine

From: Vicereine of Video Games

Date: Monday, August 5, 2013 10:57 AM

To: AddictingGames

Subject: Gaming News 8/5


Hey Folks,

Here’s all the fun game news you need to know:


- Somebody has been trolling everyone with a fake United Airlines account, and the results are spectacular:

United Airlines


- The Wii U is not doing great. Surprise! To no one! Only 160,000 units have been sold globally between April and June, and only 1.03 million games for the console for the quarter. And because of that news, publishers are running away from the console. And so are some grocery stores in the UK.


- Luckily, Animal Crossing: New Leaf (about 4.5 million units sold) and the 3DS have been keeping the company afloat. And Nintendo has decided you can purchase digital content through a PC or smartphone for Nintendo products. They’re embracing digital a bit late in the game, but we’ll see what happens. If they don’t figure it out, then the pirates will continue to put out emulators and things for free.


And Microsoft lost $900 million on the Surface. No wonder they were hiding that info for so long. They have not been doing great when it comes to new products (the Zune, Bing, IE, the Xbox One, Windows 8, and now the Surface). But, they are doing some neat things in terms of the Xbox Live community, such as making trolls play with other trolls, and rewarding players for being kind and helping out other players.





The Mighty Quest for Epic Loot backs off on the monetization scam idea

Because, for some reason, players want their games to reward them for skills rather than how deep their pockets are. Kids these days.


There’s going to be a sequel to the Tomb Raider reboot!

And hopefully it’ll have less creepy screaming.


Pivvot looks cool

Weird spelling, but it looks fun.


Not Gaming news, but whatever: Facebook has Auto Play Ads!

Yeah! Get out while you can you social media addicts. Myself, I live off the grid, except for my computer, iPad, and cellphone. But other than that, totally off the grid.





Walkthrough: Escape From the Mall


Click on escalator on back screen to close up.
Collect bag of popcorn.
Note weight on escalator (you can’t reach it.)
Note key pad on lower left.
Go back.


Click on computer store on upper left to close up.
Click on doorway to enter.
Click on rightmost laptop to close up.
Collect bread.
Go back three times.


Click on uppermost righthand store to close up (electronics).
Click on entrance to enter.
Collect plunger from behind TV.
Go back twice.
Click on rightmost store (home goods.)
Click on big red sign to close up.
Click on lower left hand portion of sign to close up.
Note order of symbols.
Symbols are: Tv, sneaker and toast.


GO back twice.
Click on door to enter.
Click on right hand shelf to close up.
Collect hot plate.
Go back.

Click on left shelf.
Collect cocktail shaker from top shelf.
Go back.

Click on shelf on back wall to close up.
Click on toaster to close up.
Drag bread from inventory to toaster to place.
Touch toaster lever to push toast down.
Toast will pop back up.
Collect toast.
Go back four times.


Click on question mark in inventory to examine cocktail shaker.
Click on lid to open. Collect drill bit.
Go back.
Click on popcorn machine to close up.
Click on top to remove lid.
Drag bag of popcorn kernels to machine to pour.
Click on switch under the word “popcorn” to close up.
Turn machine on. Popcorn will pop.
Click on machine to collect popcorn.
Go back.


Click on party store behind popcorn machine.
Click on left side balloons to collect.
Click on back shelf to close up.
Collect drill from behind party hats.
Note numbered candles.
Numbered candles are 4-4-1-7-1-2
Go back twice.

Click on shoe store on right side.
Click on shelves in back of store to close up.
Note letters on shoes on top row.
Letter is “B.”
Go back twice.

Click on drill in inventory to examine.
Drag bit to drill to place.
Close inventory.
Click on center of screen to view atrium.
Click on center of floor to examine.
Drag hotplate to floor to place.
Click on copper circle to open outlet.
Click on plug to plug in.
Go back.


Click on fountain to close up.
Drag popcorn to fountain to place.
Wait for fish to nibble popcorn and drop key.
Collect key from near popcorn.
Click on “Please Don’t Feed the Fish” sign to close up.
Drag drill to each screw to remove.
Sign will fall. Collect key.
Go back four times.

Click on jewelry kiosk in center of screen to close up.
Click on nearest part of case to close up more.
Drag small key to case.
Collect diamond ring.
Go back twice.

Click on right hand center store (the pink closed store)
Drag diamond ring to cut circle.


Drag plunger to pull out glass.
Click on door to enter store.
Click on stack of chairs to collect chair.
Click on beach ball to collect.
Click on sunglass shelf to examine.
Note pattern of “sale” stickers on sunglasses.
Pattern is off-on-on-off/on-off-off-off/off-off-on-on.
Go back three times.

Click on escalator to close up.
Click on lower left of escalator to view key pad.
Enter code from sunglasses to keypad.
(Code is: off-on-on-off/on-off-off-off/off-off-on-on)


Escalator will move down.
Collect dumbell weight.
Go back.

Click on middle left hand store (candle store.)
Drag big key to lock to open store.
Click on doorway to enter.
Click on desk in the center to close up.
Note order of colored candles on table.
Collect lava lamp from table.
Collect lock to close up.
Enter code from part store to open.
Code is: 4-4-1-7-1-2


Drawer will open.
Collect remote.
Go back four times.
Click on upper right hand store (electronics store) to close up.
Click on doorway to enter.
Drag remote to TV to turn on.
Note animated symbols on TV
(TV= smiley face.)
Go back twice.

Click on lower left hand store (dress store.)
Click on door to close up.
Open to lock to open store.
Enter code from candle store to unlock.
Code is: Blue-White-Red-Purple-Green
Go back once.

Click on open doorway to enter.
Collect broom from left side.
Click on purse twice to close up.
Enter code into purse to open.
Code is made of items with symbols, using the key found on the red home good sign.
TV-SHOE-TOAST= Smiley face – “b” – star


Enter code by clicking on buttons and cycling through.
Purse will open.
Collect knife.
Go back four times.

Click on beach ball to close up.
Drag knife to beach ball to pop
Collect SD card.
Close inventory.
Click on upper right hand store to close up (computer store.)
Click on doorway to enter.
Click on rightmost laptop to close up.
Drag SD card to slot to insert.
Photo will appear.
Look at photo for clue about how to escape.
Go back four times.

Click on atrium in back to close up.
Click on hot plate to close up.
Drag lava lamp to hot plate to place.
Lava lamp will take a few seconds to explode and glass will fall.
Click top of screen to look up.
There is a hole in the skylight.
Go down.

Drag broom to hot plate to clean mess.
Drag chair to spot under hole
Drag dumbell weight to chair to hold down.
Drag balloons to chairs.


(NOTE: if you attach the balloons without placing the weight, the chair will float away.
However, you will be able to collect another chair and another bunch of balloons to try again.)
Click on chair to float away and escape!

Click on desk lock

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