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Bad Gamer Pickup Lines for Valentine’s Day

If you’re planning a hot date for Valentine’s Day … let’s face it, you wouldn’t be reading this.  You need help and you need it fast. Check out these gamer pickup lines.  They’re really bad, but if we had good pickup lines, we wouldn’t be gamers.





6 Valentine’s Day Cards Only Gamers Will Love

Wanna tell that special someone how you feel about them, but can’t bear the thought of human interaction? Perfect! Here’s some gamer Valentine’s Day cards guaranteed to get your crush to notice you … for better or worse.


Sniper Team 2:



Eye Surgery:



The Impossible Quiz:



A Tale of Two Yetis (coming Friday, only on AddictingGames)



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Bad Gamer Pickup Line #14



Bad Gamer Pickup Line #37



The Thursdoodle: Black Flagged


Free Space is Key for You and Me

Need some Space? Play the new Space is Key Hell and tweet your final death count to @AddictingGames with the hashtag#spaceiskey. The first six gamers crazy enough to beat it and tweet it will get a free code for Space is Key on iOS.

space is key hell

Diablo III Tells Auction House to Go to Hell


Diablo III’s auction house is being sent to the bowels of hell, suffering the same fate as the Virtual Boy and any hopes you still have for the Last Guardian.

In the video message below, Blizzard Entertainment announced Wednesday that it will be shuttering the digital auction houses for Diablo III, citing the need to make getting epic items feel like an accomplishment and that “the auction houses made that experience way too convenient and really short-circuited that core reward loop.”

Blizzard will be ending both the real-money and gold auction houses March 18, 2014, so you have the next six months to try to figure out what an auction house is before it goes away.

(via GameSpot; Image credit: Blizzard)