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PRIOR walkthrough

If you fart on someone it’s rude, but if you do it 10 times to measure everyone’s reaction, it’s science. Go figure. PRIOR puts you in the shoes of a test subject hoping to figure out why its trapped in a ghostly laboratory. Go on an atmospheric adventure to answer questions like “Why am I here?” “Am I alone” and “Are machines’ fathers called pachines?” Science!

Play PRIOR here:

Watch the PRIOR walkthrough below:


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Human Chop 2 walkthrough

Human Chop is back in Human Chop 2 to destroy more crappy things about the world. Obey? Not OK. Conformity? No more for me. Being docile? Um, more like, uh, peeing hostile? Whatever. Play this unique puzzler and crush puny problems like wordplay.

Play Human Chop 2 here:

Watch the Human Chop 2 walkthrough below:


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Twizz’ed Firefarta walkthrough

In an emergency situation, know how to treat victims of a fart attack. Step 1: Open all the windows. Step 2: Light a candle. Step 3: Ignore Steps 1 and 2, go to another room and play Twizz’ed Firefarta instead. Nobody wants to be around someone having a fart attack.

Play Twizz’ed Firefarta here:

Watch the Twizz’ed Firefarta walkthrough below:


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Zombie Crypt 3 walkthrough

When zombies attack, a friend comes to save you. A bro helps you loot all the treasure while everyone’s busy with the zombies. Zombie Crypt 3 is the pixelated escapade of two bros, Ronald and Gerald, who go on an ambidextrous adventure in a treasure-filled tomb. Their hands are full across 27 stages of a puzzle-platformer that winds through a jungle, a desert and a volcano. Oh, and there’s zombies.

Play Zombie Crypt 3 here:

Watch the Zombie Crypt 3 walkthrough below:


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Night Lights walkthrough

Have you ever danced with a puzzle in the pale moonlight? Night Lights is no joke. Other games stand in the shadow of this puzzle-platformer, but it’s time for darkness to shine.

Play Night Lights here:

Watch the Night Lights walkthrough below:


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