A Tale of Two Yetis walkthrough

It was the best of yetis, it was the worst of yetis. A Tale of Two Yetis is an abominable escape game and it’s only on AddictingGames.com. Hopefully, it teaches us to see the world from a yeti’s point of view or risk losing these majestic beasts forever. Yetis still exist, right?

Play A Tale of Two Yetis here: pwnAG.com/yeti

Watch the Tale of Two Yetis walkthrough below:


Read text walkthrough for A Tale of Two Yetis below:

Click on snowman on left

Take ice pick from nose

Note order of button colors (blue, purple, green, yellow)

Go back

Go right twice

Collect toolbox from ground.

Click on igloo to close up.

Click on igloo entrance to enter.

Note frozen cooler.

Click on small, gray number above cooler to close up.

Note number (608).

Examine toolbox in inventory.

Code is 608.

Enter code collect auger from inside of box.

Close inventory.

Go back.

Go right.

Click on snow brick to right of doorway to move.

Collect drill from inside brick.

Open drill in inventory.

Drag auger to drill to combine.

Close inventory.

Go forward.

Go back.

Click on trailer to close up on door.

Colored buttons will open door.

Code is from snow man.

Code is blue, purple, green, yellow

Click on doorway to enter.

Click on propane tank behind snow cone machine to collect.

Click on white board on left hand side of screen to close up.

Note number series: 3346

Go back.

Go left.

Click on lab table to close up.

Collect match box from behind microscope.

Click on drawers on right to close up.

Drag ice pick to draw lock to open.

Collect screwdriver.

Go back twice.

Go right.

Go back.

Collect stairs from in front of trailer.

Go right.

Drag stairs to side of shipping container.

Click on satellite dish to close up.

Drag screwdriver to satellite dish to remove screw.

Collect prybar.

Go back.

Go right twice

Drag drill + auger to ice patch to drill hole.

Collect key

Use key on Yeti container.

Click on shed to close up.

Drag prybar to shed to open.

Collect snowmobile from shed.

Go back.

Click on shed room to close up.

Collect scrap of paper from under snow

Go back twice.

Go right.

Click on igloo to close up

Click on entrance to enter.

Open matchbox in inventory to examine.

Click on matches to collect match.

Drag match to strike strip to light.

Open propane torch in inventory to examine.

Drag match to propane torch to light.

Close inventory.

Click on cooler to close up.

Drag lit propane torch to cooler to melt ice and open.

Collect gas can.

Go back three times.

Go left twice.

Click on snowblower in inventory to examine.

Drag gas can to snowblower to fill.

Drag snowblower to snow in hallway to clear.

Click on door twice to look at keypad.

Enter code.

Code is clue from white board plus clue on paper.

You have to add three to each number.

Code is 6679.

Enter code and push enter.



Collect arm chair.

Collect TV.

Click on door to exit.

Collect two candy canes and mailbox.

Go back.

Click on lollipop to close up.

Collect lollipop

Go back.

Go right.

Collect ice cream cone and scoop.

Go right.

Note crack in dome.

Drag cone, scoop, candy canes, tv, lollipop, arm chair and mailbox to next to box of kittens.

Go right.

Collect mailbox and cloud.

Close up on igloo.

Hit igloo to smash.

Collect penguin.

Go back.

Click on trailer door to close up.

Collect door.

Click on entrance to enter.

Collect snow cone machine.

Go left.

Collect candy table

Go right

Go back.

Go left.

Drag table, snow cone machine, cloud and mailbox to pile.

Click on hole in dome to exit.


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