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6 Valentine’s Day Cards Only Gamers Will Love

Wanna tell that special someone how you feel about them, but can’t bear the thought of human interaction? Perfect! Here’s some gamer Valentine’s Day cards guaranteed to get your crush to notice you … for better or worse.


Sniper Team 2:



Eye Surgery:



The Impossible Quiz:



A Tale of Two Yetis (coming Friday, only on AddictingGames)



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Bad Gamer Pickup Line #14



Bad Gamer Pickup Line #37



Sniper Team 2 trailer

Sniper Team 2 is a military action game that takes being far-sighted to a new level. Are you accurate enough to scope your enemies from across the map? Take your best headshot.

Play Sniper Team 2 here:


Let’s Play World’s Hardest Game 3

The AddictingGames team attempted to play World’s Hardest Game 3. These are the highlights … or, rather, the lowlights.


Play World’s Hardest Game 3 here:

World’s Hardest Game 3 walkthrough

Are you suffering from constant bouts of happiness? Lack of stress got you down? We’ve got just the cure for you: World’s Hardest Game 3! Guaranteed to make you rage-quit or your money back!

Play World’s Hardest Game 3 here:

Watch the World’s Hardest Game 3 walkthrough below: