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Night Lights walkthrough

Have you ever danced with a puzzle in the pale moonlight? Night Lights is no joke. Other games stand in the shadow of this puzzle-platformer, but it’s time for darkness to shine.

Play Night Lights here:

Watch the Night Lights walkthrough below:


(via Taior3 Studios)

Daymare Cat walkthrough

If books could come to life, it would make homework a lot more fun. Daymare Cat is a bizarre adventure that transforms storytime into an interactive scary tale. Can you solve this sketchy puzzler?

Play Daymare Cat here:

Watch the Daymare Cat walkthrough below:


(via Mateusz Skutnik)

Questopia walkthrough

Questopia is a dungeon-crawler RPG that has your hero on a grind fest through the Pyramid Valley. You know what really grinds my gears? Being slain by a high elf on an an adventure to find the Ancient Gods. Am I right, folks??

Play Questopia here:

Watch the Questopia walkthrough below:


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Infiltrating the Airship walkthrough

Comedians like to joke about how much airline food sucks. Infiltrating the Airship posits that getting disintegrated by acid and blown off the side of a plane is slightly suckier, but it’s pretty funny to watch in this choose-your-own-failventure. Fly the unfriendly skies in this entry in the Henry Stickmin series, which also includes Escaping the Prison and Stealing the Diamond. It’s a fail fest at 40,000 feet.

Play Infiltrating the Airship here:

Watch the Infiltrating the Airship walkthrough below:


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I Saw Her Standing There, Too, with Lasers Walkthrough

True love can’t be buried. It always resurfaces, though usually not by digging its way out of the grave. The snuggling dead are back in I Saw Her Standing There, Too, with Lasers, the sequel to the indie classic I Saw Her Standing There. Solve cerebral puzzles to get these zombified lovers back into each other’s rotting arms. Just don’t let the zombies smell your brains.

Play I Saw Her Standing There, Too, with Lasers here:

Watch the I Saw Her Standing There, Too, with Lasers walkthrough below:


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