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Pirate Ninja Escape walkthrough

What kind of self-defense did the pirate practice? The marrrrrrrrrrrtial arrrrrrrrts. Pirate Ninja Escape strands you on a deserted island once home to blackbelts and buccaneers. Put together strange clues, including an interdimensional toilet, and try to escape before you lose your booty.

Play Pirate Ninja Escape here:

Check out the video and text walkthroughs for Pirate Ninja Escape below:

 Pirate Ninja Escape walkthrough (video)


Pirate Ninja Escape walkthrough (text)

Collect map from floor
Go back
Collect key
Go back
Click lamp to turn off. Note numbers and light on floor.
Click on map in inventory to examine
Note code on bottom left of map (5749)
Close map.
Click on grate in ceiling to close up. Grate rotates when clicked on.
Click on grate six times to rotate.
Go back. Note light from grate on floor forms arrow that points to numerals. It should be pointing at the five.
Click on grate in ceiling again and click button where the grate arrow is pointing.
Click grate 3 times to rotate. Click button.
Click grate 3 times to rotate. Click button.
Click grate 3 times to rotate. Click button.
(It does not actually matter what order you click the buttons. The final display, starting from the top or “12 o clock” should be:
on, on, off, on, off, off on, off, )
Grate will open. Click on opening to exit.
Click on barrel on right to close up. Collect cannonball from behind barrel.
Go back.
Click on ship’s wheel to close up.
Click on right/top knob of ship’s wheel to remove knob.
Go back.
Click on cannon to close up. Click on back of cannon to open.
Drag cannonball to back of cannon to insert.
Click on cannon back to close.
Go back.
Click on door in poop deck to close up.
Drag big key to door lock to open.
Click on cabin entrance to enter cabin.
Click on dead pirate. He will demand grog.
Click on bookshelf on left side of room to close up.
Collect gold coin from bookshelf cabinet knob.
Go back three times to beach.
Click on beach sign to close up.
Collect stick from sign.
Note red letters on sign,
(Red letters spell “AHOY”)
Go back.
Click on far/top beach to close up.
Collect bottle from the edge of the water.
Go back.
Click on bottle in inventory to examine.
Drag knob with screw from inventory to top of bottle to insert into cork.
Click on cork again to remove.
Collect scroll from bottle.
Close inventory.
Go right four times.
Click on hut to enter.
Click on table in hut to close up.
Collect rag from table.
Go back twice.
Go right.
Click on stick in inventory to examine.
Drag rag to stick to place.
Close inventory.
Click on ship to go back to the ship.
Click on open grate to re-enter the holding cell.
Click on lamp to turn on again.
Drag stick with rag to lamp to light torch.
Click on ceiling, the grate, to return to the deck of the ship.
Click on cannon to close up.
Drag torch to back of cannon to light.
Cannon will fire.
Go back twice.
Go right. Porta potty door is now destroyed. Click on porta potty to close up.
Click on porta potty door to enter.
Click on toilet lid to open. Click on toilet vortex.
Go right twice.
Collect grappling hook from right side of cave.
Click on cave entrance to enter and then the table to close up.
Collect tea pot from table.
Go back twice. Click on cave exit to exit.
Go right.
Click on grog bottle on left side of bridge to collect.
Go right.
Drag grappling hook to roof of dojo to place.
Click on roof to go on roof. Collect key from roof.
Go back.
Click on dojo door to enter.
Collect shovel from behind screen.
Click on fans to close up. Note pattern of fans.
From top left, clockwise, pattern in: dragon, mountain, goldfish, cherry blossom.
Go back twice.
Go right twice.
Click on porta potty door to close up.
Enter code from fans into buttons on porta potty.
(dragon, mountain, goldfish, cherry blossom.) Door will open.
Click on inside of potty to enter.
Click on black box to close up.
Drag small key to box to open.
Collect ninja star.
Go back.
Click on toilet lid to open. Click on toilet vortex.
Click on ship to go back to ship.
Click on cabin door twice to enter cabin.
Drag grog to pirate.
He will move and the picture on the wall will fall.
Click on his sword to collect.
Click on right side wall to view safe.
Enter code to open safe.
code is AHOY.
Collect slingshot.
Go back three times.
Go right twice.
Click on coconnut in jungle on left side of screen to enter jungle.
Drag slingshot to jungle to place.
Use the gun sight on the slingshot to knock down all three monkeys.
Collect coconut.
Click on coconut in inventory to examine.
Drag sword to coconut to open.
Collect brass coin from coconut.
Click on tea pot in inventory to examine.
Click on lid of tea pot to remove.
Close inventory.
Go back.
Go right twice.
Drag tea pot to stream to fill.
Go left twice.
Click on porta potty twice to enter.
Click on toilet lid to open and then click on the toilet vortex.
Go right three times.
Click on cherry tree next to bridge to close up.
Drag ninja star to birdhouse to throw and knock down birdhouse.
Click on birdhouse on ground to close up.
Collect silver coin from next to bird house.
Go back twice.
Go right.
Click on dojo entrance to enter
Go right.
Drag tea pot to hook over stove to place.
Click on stove to close up.
Collect tea pot.
Go back. Go left. Go back.
Go left twice. Click on cave entrance to enter.
Click on table to close up. Drag steaming tea pot to tea cups to pour.
Drag scroll to steaming cup to reveal message.
Go back twice. Click on cave exit to exit.
Go left.
Click on porta potty to enter.
Click on toilet lid to open. Click on toilet vortex.
Go right twice. Click on skull cave entrance to enter cave.
Drag shovel to x on ground to dig and reveal chest.
Click on chest to close up.
Click on scroll in inventory to read message.
Message is Silver, Gold, Brass.
Close inventory.
Drag coins to pegs in, left to right, order indicated by scroll.
Chest will open. Click on vortex inside chest to escape!

BNKR walkthrough

Just because you’re a paranoid android doesn’t mean they’re not after you. Or your precious fuel. Humans used to inhabit the post-apocalyptic world of BNKR, but they’ve since disappeared (probably off to some music festival). In this point-and-click adventure, you’re one of the few remaining robots and you must search a mysterious bunker for energy. Robots looking for fuel? Sounds like a line at a coffee shop.

Play BNKR here:

Watch the BNKR walkthrough below.



Antichromatic walkthrough

“That’s So Grayven.” That’s what Antichromatic would be called if it was a family television show. Thankfully, it’s not. It’s a mind-bending, metaphysical adventure in which everything isn’t black and white. And best of all, there’s no laugh track.

Play Antichromatic here:

Watch the Antichromatic walkthrough below:


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Stealing the Diamond walkthrough

How do you steal the world’s biggest jewel? With the world’s biggest stones, obviously! Not only does Henry Stickman have them, he gets kicked in them over and over again in Stealing the Diamond. Failure has never been so fun.

Play Stealing the Diamond here:

Watch the Stealing the Diamond walkthrough below.


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Q&A: Mark Foster and David Fenn, Creators of Leaf Me Alone

Leaf blog


When they planted Leaf Me Alone in the Ludum Dare 26 game jam, Mark Foster and David Fenn probably didn’t expect to grow their minimalist game (that jam’s theme) into a sprawling epic.  But they watered this idea seed with, um, brain fertilizer?  Look, we’re out of floral metaphors, so just read this interview the creators of one of the most fantastic, addicting games ever, only on!


Mark Foster: Game Designer, Cake Lover

David Fenn: Composer, Also a Cake Lover


What inspired you to develop Leaf Me Alone?

David: I think we just made what we most wanted to make for the most part, so I’d say the main inspirations were all the games that had brought us the most joy over the years. We naturally focussed on drawing inspiration from where our influences in games overlap, such as Zelda, Fez, Sonic and even a little bit of Journey.

Mark: The wind leaf in Zelda Wind Waker was my main point of inspiration.


What was your process for creating the soundtrack?

David: I like to prioritize establishing a mood through use of melody, and I came up with most of the main tunes for the game very early on, which had an impact on the feel of the game as a whole. Then, as we began to expand the story and world, I further developed the musical material to create a subtle emotional arc. You’ll hear a lot of recurring themes, which are adapted musically to match the atmosphere of each section of the game. You play as a small seed from birth though their lifetime. Most of the inhabitants have left the area after certain events happened, which drove them from their home. Exploring the world you encounter several remaining inhabitants including a mysterious masked character — perhaps they hold some clue to what happened to the others?


What was your favorite part of the game design and creation process?

Mark: Designing the world was a lot of fun and then my favorite part was packing it full of secrets and Easter eggs!

David: I think with this game it would have to be the little touches we added. Leaf Me Alone really gave us an opportunity to focus on the environment, so there are lots of details, especially in terms of art and audio, which really enhance the game and were super-fun to try out. I would list examples but it’s more fun to explore and find out for yourself!


Any games you’re playing right now?

David: I’m currently replaying Final Fantasy IX for the seventh or eighth time while waiting for my PS4!

Mark: I’m currently addicted to Vlambeer’s Nuclear Throne, and I also always seem to end up playing Spelunky most days.


This game started as a small entry in Ludum Dare 26, which had a minimalist theme.  How was developing a full game different from the mini-version for the game jam?

David: Ludum Dare is all about fun, being super-inspired and getting loads of stuff done. For me, the rest of the process was slower and more focused, as a lot of the time was spent polishing and refining material rather than jamming out every idea that came into my head! But the end results are even more rewarding.

Mark: We mainly wanted to expand the story of the world into a fuller thing, and really wanted to make the game deeper by adding a lot of hidden secrets around the place. It was over a longer period of time compared to the jam (one month on this version and three days on the original jam), so we had a lot longer to polish everything and make it all more immersive and interesting, with more areas to explore and powers to acquire.


What’s next?

David: I’m going to continue doing what I love, working on games and making soundtracks!

Mark: I’m currently working on a game called CHROMA, which I’m hoping to release next year.


What do you listen to when you’re working on a game?

Mark: I enjoy the Leaf Me Alone soundtrack and sometimes would listen to it while making the game! Aside from that I tend to listen to faster-paced energetic music to “get into the zone” while programming or doing art.


What’s your favorite kind of leaf?

David: Big ones you can glide with or I’m not interested!

Mark: Probably a leaf from a chestnut tree, reminds me of collecting conkers when I was young!


Cake or pie?

Mark: Cake.

David: CAKE.


Movember Fill in the Blank: If I could be any type of moustache, I would be __________.

David: One that is actually just a part of a big beard.

Mark: An evil villian mustache with twirled ends that I could stroke while I laugh manically.


Play Leaf Me Alone here: