Q&A: Jason Whitham, creator of Max Dirt Bike 3

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Jason Whitman has his hands full creating games like Max Dirt Bike 3 and we have our thumbs full playing them. After a four-year delay in the Max Dirt Bike series, Jason’s team decided to get dirty again. As always, it’s a tough set of moto-trials that reminds us Mo’ Tilty Mo’ Problems.

We talked with Jason about why it’s been so long since there’s been a Max Dirt Bike game, what he’s been working on in the meantime and the coolest thing in the world to ramp.


What inspired you to create Max Dirt Bike 3? 

There are so many dirtbike games out that don’t have enough challenge or puzzle elements to them and we wanted to fill that void.  It can get frustrating at times, but you keep coming back for more.


It’s been about four years since Max Dirt Bike 2.  What took you so long!? 

Our team — Brock White, Winston Zhang and myself — has been busy working on Stick Empires, an online RTS game, and Stick War, its offline campaign counterpart.


Where is biker trying to go? And why hasn’t he gotten there yet?

He is trapped in a motorbike matrix dream world.  OK, maybe it’s just a cool-looking place.


What’s the most consecutive backflips you can pull off in one jump?

There is a level with a large catapult where I have seen eight flips. However, landing is another issue.

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Do you have any tips for players?



Are you working on any upcoming games?

Our current project is Stick War 3.


Fill in the Blank: If I could ramp anything, I’d ramp _________.

An elephant!



Play Max Dirt Bike 3 here: pwnAG.com/maxdirtbike3


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