CYOG Update: New Name, Game Screens and Your Mom

In July, AddictingGames held the “Create Your Own Game” game, wherein we made the mistake of asking you lunatics to help us create a game. After what we can only imagine was massive head trauma, you picked an anime escape game starring a tomato fighting Your Mom in the apocalypse. WHUUUUUT???

We’re just crazy enough to make it happen, and this week we’ve got two updates for you.

First, a title! ┬áMuch as we wanted to call the game “What Were We Thinking!?!?” we have a much cooler name submitted by a Facebook fan.

And the title iiiiiiiiis: EXPIRATION DATE.

What does it mean!? Exactly.

Next, we have some pics of the game, our produce protagonist and Your Mom (see below). Keep checking back for more details, including a forthcoming release date, because, like we said, we’re actually making this game. God help us.


Expiration Date title

Expiration Date background 1

Expiration Date cutscene

CYOG Tomato bedroom

Evolution of Your Mom


For more info on the Expiration Date story, read this.



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