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CYOG Update: New Name, Game Screens and Your Mom

In July, AddictingGames held the “Create Your Own Game” game, wherein we made the mistake of asking you lunatics to help us create a game. After what we can only imagine was massive head trauma, you picked an anime escape game starring a tomato fighting Your Mom in the apocalypse. WHUUUUUT???

We’re just crazy enough to make it happen, and this week we’ve got two updates for you.

First, a title!  Much as we wanted to call the game “What Were We Thinking!?!?” we have a much cooler name submitted by a Facebook fan.

And the title iiiiiiiiis: EXPIRATION DATE.

What does it mean!? Exactly.

Next, we have some pics of the game, our produce protagonist and Your Mom (see below). Keep checking back for more details, including a forthcoming release date, because, like we said, we’re actually making this game. God help us.


Expiration Date title

Expiration Date background 1

Expiration Date cutscene

CYOG Tomato bedroom

Evolution of Your Mom


For more info on the Expiration Date story, read this.



Comic: For Fellow Mjolnerds

thor rainbow road


(via Timecowboy!)

Here’s What PS4 Menus Look Like

Last night, a Sony staffer went on a tweet-spree, releasing a dozen photos of the PlayStation 4 interface.

Chris Owen, English Community Manager at PlayStation Europe, unveiled several PS4 menu screens for the console itself, as well as second-screen options on tablets and mobile phones, so you never have to stop looking at a glowing, electronic screen.

Obviously, this is another of Sony’s jabs at Microsoft, because PS4′s menus are blue and Xbox One’s menus are green and blue is a primary color and oh God, how do we make this about the console wars??  There’s gotta be some way, right!?

While we figure that out, check out the pictures of the PS4 menus below.


What's New - PS4

What’s New – PS4

What's New - Phone

What’s New – Phone

Video Editing Menu - PS4

Video Editing Menu – PS4

Share Menu - PS4

Share Menu – PS4

PS4 Profile Screen - Tablet

PS4 Profile Screen – Tablet

Profile Screen - PS4

Profile Screen – PS4

PS4 Profile Screen - Phone

PS4 Profile Screen – Phone

Message Menu - PS4

Message Menu – PS4

Live Stream Screen - PS4

Live Stream Screen – PS4

PS4 Home Screen - Tablet

PS4 Home Screen – Tablet

Home Screen - PS4

Home Screen – PS4

Gallery Video Screen - PS4

Gallery Video Screen – PS4


The PS4 launch date is scheduled for Nov. 15.

(via Twitter)

Walkthrough: Space is Key Hell

Space is Key Hell won’t send you to Hell, but it’ll probably send a lot of keyboards there. It’s hella hard. Try to master Satan’s spacebar in this diabolical sequel to the classic Space is Key.

Play Space is Key Hell here:

If you’ve descended to the ninth circle already, check out the walkthrough below.


For more info, check out the Space is Key website.

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