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Walkthrough: Max Damage 3

Max likes to break stuff. He has somehow found himself in a large warehouse with 50 levels of expensive, fragile items. Wonder what happens next …

Play Max Damage 3 here:

If you damage the maximum amount of everything, check out the original Max Damage and Max Damage 2, too.

Walkthrough: Disaster Will Strike 2

In Disaster Will Strike 2, you control natural disasters such as earthquakes, tornadoes and running out of bacon on a Sunday morning — well, two out of three, at least. Use your catastrophic craftiness to solve puzzles and destroy dinosaur eggs across 40 levels that get more difficult than surviving the Ice Age.  Be a disaster master — play here:

Walkthrough: The Lonely King

The Lonely King is a royally hard puzzler about the world’s most depressed dictator. Everyone has disappeared from the kingdom, so you’re on a quest to find out where they went. We wouldn’t worry about it. They’re probably just vacationing with a ruler who doesn’t listen to emo music.

Play Lonely King here:




If ‘In the Way Guy’ Were at Great Moments in Gaming

In Way - Aeris

*Sniff* I’m so sorry you sacrificed yourself for … OH, COME ON, IN THE WAY GUY!


In Way - CoD

You try-hards can hard-aim me all day, but I got you right where I want … IN THE WAY GUY, SERIOUSLY!!


In Way - Link

Oh, man! I can’t believe he transformed into … IN THE WAY GUY!?


In Way - Skyrim FB

Epic battle time!  FUS RO …. DANG IT, IN THE WAY GUY!!


In Way - Metroid

Wait, so who was it?  Was it In the Way Guy the whole time!? Who was it???


In Way - Scorpion




(In the Way Guy image courtesy of Reddit. Game images courtesy of Square Enix, Activision, Nintendo, Bethesda Softworks and Midway Games.)

Walkthrough: Fireboy and Watergirl

It’s Throwback Thursday, which means we’re going all the way back to 2009, when dragonflies were the size of vultures and everyone couldn’t wait to know how “Lost” would seamlessly tie up all of its loose ends.

This week, it’s Fireboy and Watergirl, every gamer’s favorite odd couple. Opposites attract, so use your different powers to solve the temple’s puzzles.  Thankfully, all of the puzzles are fire- or water-related, so you won’t have to call up Earthdude or Windbro.

Jump in the Wayback Machine to play the original Fireboy and Watergirl here: