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Ninjas Never Die walkthrough

Flip your world upside down with Ninjas Never Die, a puzzler starring the supreme spinja. Find every twist and turn in the trap-filled levels to collect gold and make it to the finish. Don’t drop the ball.

Play Ninjas Never Die here:

Watch the Ninjas Never Die walkthrough below:

Walkthrough: This Is Not a Minimalist Game

Storm Alligator, creators of Demons vs. Fairyland, knows how to make a cool game.  If you don’t know how to beat those cool games, get it together, man, life gets a lot harder than a video game … Oh, wait, actually we mean you’re in luck! This is the walkthrough for This Is Not a Minimalist Game.

And if you somehow stumbled onto this walkthrough without playing the game, why are you reading when you could be play sweet, sweet games? Check out This is Not a Minimalist Game here: 


1) Talk to the wizards and kill one of them. The wizard will curse you and after a few moments the world will change.

2) Go right on the white plains and talk to the rectangle. Take the square quest. Ask him where the squares are, insist and he will give you the map.

3) Once you have the map, you can open it with “1″. When you have the map open, hit “2″, it will make you go to the quarry and unlock another location (City – “3″)

4) Pick up the 5 squares on the quarry

5) Go back to the NPC. Talk to him until he drops two red squares. Jump on them. It will make the floor red. Talk to the NPC until he explodes.

6) Go to the City (“3″), go right, talk to the NPC. He will give you another location on the map.

7) Go to the quarry. Pick up a square.

8) Go to “signs”. Take the “this is not a square sign”. Drop a square. Drop the sign on top of it. It will generate a circle and clouds.

9) Go back talk to the NPC in the City (“3″). He will give you another location “Strange Stuff” “5″.

10) Go to “Strange Stuff”. Find the 3. Jump on it, it will make trees.

11) Go back talk to the NPC in the City (“3″) until he has nothing left to say.

12) Go to the quarry (“2″). Jump on a blue circle and on a yellow circle, it will add colors.

13) Go back talk to the NPC in the City (“3″) until he has nothing left to say.

14) Go back to “1″. Go right until you find a fruit that is different from the others. Wait next to it until you can pick it up. Pick it up, then wait, it will generate details.

15) Go back talk to the NPC in the City (“3″). He will send you to the mirror (“6″).

16) Go to the quarry (“2″) to pick a red square, a blue circle and a yellow circle. Make sure you have the strange fruit, if not, go back take one in location “1″.

17) Go to the mirror (“6″). Go right until you see your reflexion. Drop the red square, the blue circle, the yellow circle and the strange fruit. It will give you back your original appearance. Wait, you will be teleported to where you came from.

18) Go down talk to the NPC. When the NPC drops a cube, jump on it.


(Courtesy of Storm Alligator and playTDG)

BoxMan walkthrough

You know how it’s more fun to play with the box than what’s inside? In BoxMan, you’re playing as a box trying to jump through a puzzle-platformer. It’s guaranteed to keep you from being cardbored.

Play BoxMan here:

Watch the BoxMan walkthrough below:


(via serafimaya)

Walkthrough: Urbex

The term “urbex” stands for “urban exploration,” which is much cooler than rurex aka asking what’s with all the cows. Enter the darkness of Urbex, a creepy, atmospheric adventure in which your explorer photographs graffiti in a dilapidated factory. It’s dark, disturbing and, best of all, devoid of cows.

Play it here:

Walkthrough: Escape the Office

Escape the Office has no plot, no story and no motive. Well, that’s not entirely true. After all, you’re in an office when you could be anywhere else, like riding a roller-coaster, swimming with dolphins or riding a roller-coaster with dolphins who are tired of swimming all the time like they’re Michael Phelps or something. If you want to go to any of those places, you’d better hightail it out of this office as fast as you can. Don’t let the dolphins have all the fun.

Play Escape the Office here: