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I Like Posting Comments – 9/28/2012

Happy Friday d00dz! We’re so glad you love moustaches as much as we do! Check out the comments for Crimson and Stache, and the others, below:

crimson-and-stache Crimson and Stache
There is nothing more awesome than a moustache, except perhaps, a sassy moustache. Get your ‘stache on with Crimson and Stache

dogfightaces Dogfight Aces
Dogfight Aces: where those of us who aren’t licensed pilots can pretend we are!

kingdomrush Kingdom Rush
You heard it here first folks…Kingdom Rush = kewl sauce. Play today!

Have an AG-tastic weekend! Don’t forget to keep checking back each week to see if your comment makes the cut!

I Like Posting Comments – 9/21/2012

Afternoon AG-ers! Welcome to “I Like Posting Comments” – Last Day of Summer Edition…enjoy!

nerdynomnom Nerdy Nom Nom
Nerds unite with Nerdy Nom Nom! (no puking!)

palisadeguardian3 Palisade Guardian 3
Palisade Guardian 3: where all the cool kids go for sweet aliens!

superadventurepals Super Adventure Pals
Super Cute. Super Fun. Super Adventure Pals.

Have a wonderful last day of summer…see you in the fall!

I Like Posting Comments – 9/14/2012

Welcome to this week’s wonderfully amazing comments! We loved your comments on Pixel Jump and Zombocalypse so much that we just had to do a second installment! Read on d00dz.

howdoesintogame How Does Into Game
You heard it here y’all…How Does Into Game is pure LOLz!

soulsearchin Soul Searchin’
Soul Searchin = online game, Inception-style.

pixeljump1 Pixel Jump
Come for the pixels. Stay for the music. Play Pixel Jump!

zombacalypse1 Zombacalypse
Blood. Guts. Gore. Zombocalypse.

See you next week…over and out!

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I Like Posting Comments – 9/7/2012

Happy September AGer’s…feast your eyeballs upon this week’s amazome game comments below:

zombacalypse Zombacalypse
Get your Terminator on with Zombacalypse!

pixeljump Pixel Jump
To play Pixel Jump with the music or without? That is the question.

overhaul Overhaul
Challenging levels and sweet missile showers?! Overhaul has it all!

icypurplehead Icy Purple Head
Keep your cool with Icy Purple Head!

Bring on the fabulously funtastic comments for next week! Peace out peepz!