Developer Interview: Aaron Neugebauer


What up peepz? The AG Team recently got the chance to chat with Fat Slice 2 Developer Aaron Neugebauer! Curious to hear what his favorite part of the game is? Read on to find out:

1. How did you get started making Flash Games?
I started making games in Jr. High with a program called HyperCard, which was an old Mac program similar to Flash. Then in college I started messing around with Flash (starting with Flash version 4) making dumb little animations, then making dumb little games. And now I’m (almost) making a living making Flash games.

2. What are your three favorite Flash Games/ What are you playing now?
My favorite Flash games would probably be Rebuild 2 , Little Wheel and Fantastic Contraption.
Right now I’m playing Diablo 3. I’m having trouble stopping.

3. What is the hardest thing about making games?
The hardest part is finishing. You get to where you think you’re about 90% complete, and two months later, you’re still at 90%. Getting those last features, tweaks and bug fixes in there can be quite a grind.

4. Where do you get ideas for games?
By playing other games, mostly. Coming up with a game idea usually involves taking an existing genre, adding in some of your ideas and ideas from other games, then putting your own unique twist on it.
The slicing idea just came from the fact that slicing things is fun. Most game mechanics are centered around something that humans enjoy doing. Slicing things up, shooting guns, knocking down buildings – all things that are even more fun when there’s none of those nasty real-word consequences.


5. What is your favorite part of Fat Slice 2?
I liked putting in all the secrets. I like to think that some may not be discovered for quite a while (have you tried clicking on all of Barry’s marbles?).

6. If you couldn’t make games, what would you do/ what do you do when you’re NOT making games?
Maybe go outside. I’ve heard good things about outside, so I’d probably give it a try.
Other than that, playing games, reading and maybe a little traveling.

7. What would you like to tell people who play your games?
Don’t worry, it should be a little frustrating now and then. There’s no sense of accomplishment without some challenge.

8. Favorite Food?
Key Lime Pie


9. Favorite Movie?
The Big Lebowski

10. Do you have a website?
Yes, it’s
I’ve also started a kickstarter campaign for my next game, Perch ( Any support would be greatly appreciated.

To find more secrets, play Fat Slice 2 today!

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