I Like Posting Comments – 6/29/2012

Hey d00dz!! It’s Friday and you know what that means…time for your weekly dose of awesome game comments! Ch-ch-check ‘em out:

3slices2 3 Slices 2
Like, totally play 3 Slices 2 now and get yourself into all sorts of different slice modes! OMG!

glowrunner Glowrunner
Are we really running simply because the game creator wanted us to run? Is glowing while running really that cool? Thank goodness we have Glowrunner to help you answer these, and many other important life questions!

looper Looper
Nothing is better than a beaver-like animal doing a hard obstacle course? What about a pterodactyl-like animal? Think about that while you play Looper.

time4morecat Time 4 More Cat
U can haz super dino kitty powers too…with Time 4 More Cat.

ideg I Don’t Even Game
You heard ‘em…in I Don’t Even Game W-I-N don’t happen snap like that!

Help keep the good times rolling by posting more amazing comments peepz!

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