I Like Posting Comments 6-22

Hey Peepz…back again with this week’s installment of “I Like Posting Comments”! Read ‘em and weep:

ambush Ambush
You people are picky about your war games, huh? Well, good on you. We’re going to pass these suggestions back to the Ambush Developer.

Oh, and technically…This. Is. AMBUSH!!!!!

bombdiver Bomb Diver
We have that problem all the time. Can’t tell a powerup from an explosive hazard. So we practice. Practice playing some Bomb Diver today!

isawherstandingthere I Saw Her Standing There
Pancakes Twilight has not. Pancakes AND Zombies I Saw Her Standing There has.

maxdirtbike_picon Max Dirt Bike
Play Max Dirt Bike and decide for yourself if it is, in fact, falcon stupid, or merely pigeon stupid…

molies Molies
Let’s all fling worms at bees and see what happens! Or better yet, play Molies and avoid painful bee stings altogether!

Until next week!

2 Responses to “I Like Posting Comments 6-22”

  • Max Hamee says:

    I appreciate you picking my comments, and if you ever feel the need to quote me once again feel free to. I enjoy the TD genre of flash animation-based games, and “Ambush” clearly tried to refresh the genre. Sometimes developers become a bit overzealous when attempting to bring life to a popular industry, and focus more on the craft of the differences rather then the overall game play in itself. I Enjoyed the game, and hope to see a better polished version and/or sequel.


    Max Hamee

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