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Walkthrough: Pigs Will Fly

Many thanks to youtube user elliotlp for the walkthrough!

Pancake Corner, May 30th, 2012

Yeah, that’s how we roll.

Developer Interview: Zack Jordan of Pixelwelders / US Killbotics


The AG team had a chance to chat it up with Killbot developer Zack Jordan who gave us some insight into how he makes games! Read on.

1. How did you get started making Flash Games?
I’ve wanted to make games since I was little, but even after I got good with Flash I couldn’t seem to finish a game. I had to work at a real game studio (Day 1 Studios, where my day job is now) before I learned how to actually make one from beginning to end. Those guys know what they’re doing. So, not counting all the dozens of games I’ve started, Killbot is my first game.

2. What are your three favorite Flash Games/ What are you playing now?
One Chance is an amazing game. I sent that to everyone I know who appreciates games, and a few who don’t. Robot Unicorn Attack is not quite as amazing, but pretty awesome nonetheless. And of course, like everybody else, I really like the Sonny series.

3. What is the hardest thing about making games?
Finishing them! Seriously. I have ideas out the wazoo and I’ve started more games than I want to think about, but actually going from something that is fun to play to a real honest-to-God game is by far the hardest part. For me. Second to that is probably just making the thing fun without blatantly ripping off somebody else’s mechanics. We all know you can make a fun game by reskinning Mario. But could you invent something new and still make it fun?

4. Where do you get ideas for games?
Everybody has ideas for stuff, but they don’t always take them seriously. I keep a little file on my phone called “ideas” that’s about thirty pages long, full of ideas for games, music, stories, t-shirts, toys, food, whatever. The key is to write something down as soon as you think of it. Even if you dreamed it at two in the morning. You won’t remember it later, no matter how great it is.


5. What is your favorite part of Killbot on AddictingGames?
My favorite part is the character you never see: the artist/narrator of the game. You never get to really meet him, but he’s everywhere, commenting on everything in his hyperactive caffeinated way. He’s just so excited about everything, and not cynical at all; I kinda want to be like him.

6. If you couldn’t make games, what would you do/ what do you do when you’re NOT making games?
When I’m not making games (or trying to make games) I’m typically making music. I’m always into electronic music of all kinds, but right now I’m also really into world music. Killbot was my first attempt to bring my music interests into a game world, and I think it kinda worked. There are some ideas in the phone about how to do it better, but it might be awhile before I get to them. I have to do Killbot 2 first, after all.

7. What would you like to tell people who play your games?
Speaking totally seriously, I’m flattered that you would take time out of my day to play my game and listen to my music. And it really means a lot to me when you get involved with the project by commenting on new music or trying out new Killbot stuff.

8. Favorite Food?
I have this theory about Mexican food. No matter what you order, anything on your plate will taste good with anything else. Seriously, try it out. You can’t make a bad combination.


9. Favorite Movie?
This changes daily. I really like serious mindtwisters like Pi and Primer and Memento, but you’ve really got to be in the right mood to appreciate them. But I don’t care what anybody says: I’d watch Speed Racer no matter what mood I was in.

10. Our Publishing Manager on AG is from Chicago as well…what’s your favorite thing about Chicago?
The food, obviously :). The number of really good restaurants per block is staggering. Big Star, Avec, The Publican, Il Mulino… if I made more money I’d go out all the time.

11. Do you have a website?
Do I ever!
U.S. Killbotics on Facebook – I set this up for people to test out new Killbot stuff or give feedback on new music.
U.S. Killbotics on iTunes – For the people that just liked the music.
Reign of Thunder – The other game I’m working on. Not Flash, but still free!

Play yourself some Killbot today!

I Like Posting Comments 5-25-12

AG Peeps! Your comments are AWESOME!

martiansfrommars Martians From Mars
Martians from Mars teh most hnadsome game on teh interwebz!

erline ErlinE
ErlinE…simply beautiful!

killbot Killbot
Listen to your friendly game critic… Play Killbot today!

discountmayonnaise Discount Mayonnaise
Mood for Mayo? Discount Mayonnaise is here 4 U!

jewelanche Jewelanche
Jewelanche …painful fun that the whole family can enjoy!

Great work, d00dz! See you next week.

Pancake Corner May 22, 2012

Who’s addicting? YOU’RE ADDICTING!



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