I Like Posting Comments! 4-13-12

I like posting comments

The week in AG’s ongoing series on commenting is a giant OMG. You guys were paying attention, weren’t you? We asked for more ridiculous comments and you delivered, just in time for Friday the 13th! Should we celebrate? Did someone say PIE? kthx.

3slices 3 Slices
Maybe it’s time we put out a game about a unibrowed grammar fascist that abuses his computer? Umadbro? Meh.
Play 3 Slices today!

builderboom Builder Boom
Duuuuude, sweet leopard!
Play Builder Boom today!

georganism GeOrganism
DumbDrummer35, meet ilikepie340. I suggest you combine forces, make taco pies, and play moar GeOrganism!

slashboom_picon Slash Boom
If you’re over 18 and playing this game, no ragequitting allowed!
Sourface your way through Slash Boom!

hanger2 Hanger 2
100% agree.
Now go get your hang on with Hanger 2!

Great job this week, peeps, we are proud of you… Happy weekend gaming!

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