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I Like Posting Comments! 4-27-12

The creme de la creme in internet commenting is found on, believe you me, partner. Here is proof:

headsuphoops Heads Up Hoops
Heads Up Hoops
Game idea: Extreme Mascara Headball. Thoughts?

mouseandguns Mouse and Guns
Mouse and Guns\
What is it about dual chainguns that they go so well with Mouse and Guns?? I wish I had an answer, but until then, ratatatatatat on that cheese.

invertion Invertion
Sorry, bub. it’s spelled “Invertion.” Ask any portal fanboy!

Papa’s Burgeria
papas Burgeria
Papa’s Chicken and Chips!!! Yes plz. For nao, Papa’s Burgeria will do.

supercrazyguitarmaniac4 Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4
Super Guitar Maniac
Fact: the programmers that brought you Super Crazy Guitar Maniac Deluxe 4 have moustaches that would make Tom Selleck jealous.

Thanks to our commenters! Have a great weekend peeps.

Walkthrough: Hanna in a Choppa 2

Hanna in a Choppa 2… fly stuff to the flag. Oh yeah, you know what to do.

Thanks to Deeperbeige for the walkthrough!

I Like Posting Comments! 4-20-12

Sifting through the “FIRST!” and “ADD ME! entries is daunting, I’ll tell you what. Neverthelesser, dear AG’ers, you constantly surprise the AG staff with your scintillating reviews of our catalog of awesomeness. Here are this week’s picks.

extremeliestcatch Extremeliest Catch

First of all, hai to FrenchLeopards. Second of all, we want to see a DJ battle between King Crab and Octopus. Their stage names would be DJ Cash Crab is King and HipHoptapus. Epic, right?

spitersannihilation Spiter’s Annihilation

Dirtandashes says Stay in School! Reading is fundamental, you guys.

fireboyandwatergirl3 Fireboy and Watergirl 3

Hey Tuesday! Um, no, we don’t get it. But you just gotta remember Fireboy and Watergirl are cute.

And, hey, keep writing brill comments, so we can repost them. Gotta be in it to win it, yo.

Pancake Corner – April 13, 2012

Welcome to Pancake Corner. What is Pancake Corner? Excellent question.

Our topic this week: gummy bears. What’s the deal? Why so many red gummy bears, and so few green? And what flavor is “clear,” exactly? After nearly six minutes of analysis, we discovered that in a random sampling of gummy bears, more than 50% were red or orange. Conspiracy?

Gummy bear pie chart. Narwhal included for scale.

Gummy bear pie chart. Narwhal included for scale.

See you later at Pancake Corner.

I Like Posting Comments! 4-13-12

I like posting comments

The week in AG’s ongoing series on commenting is a giant OMG. You guys were paying attention, weren’t you? We asked for more ridiculous comments and you delivered, just in time for Friday the 13th! Should we celebrate? Did someone say PIE? kthx.

3slices 3 Slices
Maybe it’s time we put out a game about a unibrowed grammar fascist that abuses his computer? Umadbro? Meh.
Play 3 Slices today!

builderboom Builder Boom
Duuuuude, sweet leopard!
Play Builder Boom today!

georganism GeOrganism
DumbDrummer35, meet ilikepie340. I suggest you combine forces, make taco pies, and play moar GeOrganism!

slashboom_picon Slash Boom
If you’re over 18 and playing this game, no ragequitting allowed!
Sourface your way through Slash Boom!

hanger2 Hanger 2
100% agree.
Now go get your hang on with Hanger 2!

Great job this week, peeps, we are proud of you… Happy weekend gaming!