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I Like Posting Comments!

I like posting comments

Hey, Coolman3301, we like it when you post comments!

That goes for all of you AG’ers. In fact, here are the top comments on games recently released on AddictingGames, as selected by the AG crew. Enjoy!

megaminer Mega Miner
adding to last review
So awesome you forgot to spell?

weirdosonatrain Weirdos on a Train
The Creeper
Sorry guys. The Creeper will always be first.

hanger2 Hanger 2
Arm and a Sleeve
Trees of Death
Answer to both: We don’t know, but look out!

We’re gonna be re-posting our favorite reviews every week here on the blog. So keep writing about your favorite games, and remember to be more funny!

Motorcycle Tycoon II

Motorcycle Tycoon II
Return to Rule the Motorcycle Racing World!


The sequel to Motorcycle Tycoon is bigger and better in almost every way! More options in bike parts, a huge tournament schedule to race in, and the chance to pilot your own motorcycles to victory! Only one thing is the same. Your employees.

That’s right, the same surly, grumpy mechanics are back to work in your new shop. That break room has never been more valuable. Fortunately, as you start making money, you can hire employees with better attitudes. Think positive!

Build a stable of hot racers and cool riders. Collect the winnings and reinvest in your empire. If that isn’t enough, take the wheel yourself, and pilot your bike in the races! Now you can’t blame the driver any more.

Suit up, grab a wrench and a helmet, and start building your empire of speed. Play Motorcycle Tycoon II today!