Stay Warm With!


Ahhh snow!

Lets face it! Winter is here and it has gotten cold! Sure some of us have the luxury of living in tropical places where grass skirts and beach gear seems to work all year round, but for most of us winter means snow, ice, wind, and that unpleasant feeling of being cold when you go outside. We don’t want anyone to freeze while playing our games so I have come up with a few¬†free online games that will help keep you warm during those frosty moments that winter can bring.

Flame Puppy
Now man’s best friend has a whole new purpose! Keeping the world around you warm! Sure most dogs will snuggle up with you in bed but this little pup will just light a tree on fire if you need to warm up your hands! What a pal!

It may be winter where you live but it’s always summer in Sunburn. Use your burning ability to fry up some tourists! It’s almost as easy as cooking bacon only it doesn’t quite smell as nice!

Streets of Fire
These streets will never be full of snow because we all know that fire totally pwns snow every time! Feel the burn in this hot game and keep frostbite far away with this fiery action game that is perfect for any winter situation!

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